Canada Supports African Education

Published November 14, 2013
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Canada is a country build on a strong education system. Because of that, education is important to Canadians; not only in Canada, but worldwide. In 2007, Canada sent $25 million to the Education For All – Fast Track initiative targeting educational development in the country of Africa.

A Few Stats

While most know Africa for it’s beautiful scenery and cute-and-cuddly-looking wildlife, the truth is that Africa is a country riddled with problems. HIV runs rampant, starvation and thirst are an everyday reality, and violence/neglect are common place. Africa had, at the time of the donation, over 136 million illiterate adults. That is roughly four times the┬ásize of the population of Canada.

Another issue is that males are given preferences to education over females. Therefore, if a family of limited resources has to make a decision, the male is sent to school. This causes females, namely girls, to have children earlier and increases the mortality rate of children that don’t make it to 5 years old.

What Can Be Done?

The reason that Canada, and countries all over the world, gave money to this initiative is because education is the base of progress. Educated people are more likely to make good decisions, provide for themselves and their families, and be more stable in general. In Africa, a lack of education and increased physical needs (food, water, medicine) helps drive the population explosion and subsequently the disease and famine issues. It’s a never-ending death spiral if you will: one which needs to be stopped.

In order to stop the repetition of the cycle, the children of tomorrows generation need to be education. This will increase not only their ability to think and make decisions, as previously stated, but their future and outlook on life. A massive cultural shift like this not only takes initiative, it takes money. Current estimates are that it will take about 1 billion dollars per year to take care of all of the starving and suffering children in Africa and in orphanages in Africa. That is an enormous cost which can only be shouldered by many, many people.

There are already a lot of groups, churches, and other oganziations working in Africa; more is better. When things are dire, and people need help, we as citizens of the world, as educated people, need to step up and take action. The goal of this initiative was not only to give money, but to help raise awareness. Africa is a beautiful place that is being decimated by a lack of education.

From the Chobe National Park to the wildlife in Namibia, it’s a place worth protecting with a wonderful people worth saving.

Help save Africa by donating to one of the great charities that do great things in Africa. Find a list of them here.

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