Buying Quality, Cool, and Slim Wallets for Men

Published January 5, 2018

2Slim wallets are now a trend that has started three or four years ago. Such is owed to the fact that people no longer carry around a lot of cash since cards are already acceptable means of payment. Also, most people no longer carry pictures of their loved ones in their wallets because of the advent of camera phones. Hence, many manufacturers have started producing their own versions, especially for men.

The high number of slim wallet brands for men make it quite difficult to buy quality and cool wallets for your man or for yourself. Fortunately, this article will be discussing some of the most important things to look for when selecting and buying slim wallets for men.

Material Used

The durability of the slim wallet is usually dependent on the material that has been used in its construction. This is essential especially for individuals who will be using the wallet regularly or daily.

  • Leather

It is a known fact that most wallets are made using leather materials. However, there are also differences that may affect the quality of which. Some manufacturers use full-grain leather and wallets made from it is highly recommended that those made of top-grain leather. This is a type of leather wherein the top portion has been sanded and replaced with resin. Hence, they have a plastic-like and smooth feel. As per the source of leather, there are two types that people can choose from. Some slim wallets for men are made of cow leather materials. They are usually uncomfortable to touch but they are durable and have a great appearance. Alligator skin leather, on the other hand, has a patterned look and is also durable. However, such is the one that is most commonly replicated and used in fake wallets.

  • Fabric

Nowadays, men’s wallets are also made using fabric materials like cotton and nylon. They usually come from popular and designer companies; hence, they have stylistic designs and colors. However, they will not be as durable as the ones that are made of leather materials.

Construction and Design

More often than not, people are not familiar with the ways on how wallets are made. Thus, this is often overlooked when they buy wallets. They can be constructed using the cut-edge style wherein the main material used is cut and sewn together. With that in regard, the stitch marks can be seen visibly. On the other hand, the turned-edge style involves the process wherein the stitches are made inside the wallet and are turned over after. Wallets made using such are more durable than the former.

Slim wallets for men have been manufactured in order for them to be placed comfortably in the pocket. With that in mind, it is best to choose the ones that have no zippers. That is because they may damage the clothing of the user, as well as may present some levels of bulkiness. Design-wise, men prefer to have simple ones. Meaning, if you are a woman searching for a wallet for your man, you should refrain from choosing with too many prints and logos.

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