Buying Guide: Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

Published April 2, 2018

Microwave toaster ovens are much talked about these days. More and more people are becoming curious on the appliance. What with its ability in combination cooking. You can grill, bake, toast, and microwave at the same time.

Aside from that, this wonderful technology also saves homeowners money and space. You would not need to buy two or three different kitchen appliances that are too costly and too space consuming. One device can do the work of many. Amazing, isn’t it?


Even if the appliance has a different power output and requires a slight adjustment on the cabinet because of its height, many people still want to have one.

That is why, these days, big and small companies manufacture various designs and models. When you are out there, trying to find which one would be best for your home (or even office), you might want to consider the following to find out which microwave and toaster over combo is best for your cooking requirements.


The cooking quality of the appliance would mainly depend on the power of it. You might want to choose a model that has at least 950 watts of power for your food to be cooked the way you want it to, and within the time it should be.


The size of the microwave toaster oven combo would depend on your cooking requirements. If you live alone and usually cook small amounts of food at a time, then you might want to get one with a smaller capacity. You would only be wasting money and space if you put in one or two toasts in a big-sized microwave toaster oven combination. The bigger ones are usually for cooking dishes for the whole family and sometimes even more.

The outer dimensions of the appliance should also be considered as you would need to know if you have enough countertop space in your kitchen to put it. You have to take note that there should be enough gap between the device and other appliances so as not to get damaged or overheat.


To ensure that you are using your money wisely, check the materials that were used to make the appliance. Though the most durable ones could be more expensive, they may be worth your investment as they would save you from buying a new one only after a few years.

Cleaning and Maintenance

These types of appliances do not clean and repair themselves every after use. Before making your purchase final, check the insides and outsides of the device thoroughly and see how easy or difficult it would be for you to clean it. You should also make sure to get information from reviews and feedbacks from people who have tried the product about its maintenance and how often it should be done.


Although not that important, you might want to choose a style and color that would match your kitchen theme the best. Your choice of design might also depend on the available space you have and the cleaning process.

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