Buying a Lagertha Lothbrok Costume

Published February 20, 2018


When people speak of Vikings, it’s usually with the tone of awe and admiration. Their exploits, controversial as it may be, are nothing to scoff at. The sheer dedication and drive that motivated their conquests don’t fail to impress even people who abhor violence, though they’d be hard-pressed to admit that they do. It’s an innate psychological nature, much like how women are naturally drawn to strong-willed men.

On the other hand, it’s also not surprising that female portrayals of  Viking are just as impressive. Many are impressed by viking characters like Lagertha Lothbrok. The popularity of the Vikings series propelled her headstrong character and, unsurprisingly, many women are interested in cosplaying as the character. Without any deliberate intention to burst anyone’s bubble, however, portraying Lagertha is no easy task.

It’s pretty understandable considering that she’s a rather imposing character in the show, and somewhat unconventional when it comes to the typical image of women in society and pop culture, which is why those who are thinking of donning a Lagertha costume should try their best. Be it for a Halloween party or for a special live action role-playing with like-mindend individuals.

One of the most important things to give a lot of attention to when playing as Lagertha Lothbrok is by using a believable costume. Now, there are lots of ways to get a good set of costume. The first and probably easiest one is to buy it. One of the issues with buying a full costume for certain characters is that it’s not customizable. Pre-made costumes are usually not that great regarding quality and, more likely than not, other people will have also ordered the same set, which makes for an awkward scenario if both persons who ordered the same set of costume attended the same party. And then there’s the option to buy each part of the costume separately. This is considered by many as the most practical choice simply because one can mix and match different parts of the costume. They can also choose to spend less on parts that they can spare a few bucks on.

Another option for getting a Lagertha Lothbrok costume is by actually making the entire set, needless to say that this one requires a bit of time, effort and dedication. And even with all these factors thrown into the mix, a person who is attempting to make a costume without any experience is bound to make mistakes left and right. No amount of video tutorials can save a person from their lack of experience in any field.

The second option provides flexibility in both authenticity and cost. And what makes it even better is that there are helpful links around the Internet that lists down item postings for each part of the costume, regardless of the supplier. Still, it pays to read the item descriptions as well as reviews in order to avoid disappointments. Sometimes there are customers who are asking too much such as an authentic chain mail that can withstand sword strikes. The passion is admirable, but that’s probably taking role-playing to another level.

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