Breast Feeding: Good for the Baby, and You!

Published November 22, 2014

Breast Feeding: Good for the Baby, and You!

Breast feeding is a big deal when raising an infant, but it can be a real task. Some mother’s don’t agree with breast feeding while others fully believe in it and do it avidly for all of their children in the infant stage. Whether you believe in it or not, there are proven benefits that breast feeding can have. These benefits aren’t just for the baby however, even though the baby has a number of nutritional benefits he/she can get from breast feeding, but the mother can benefit from it as well! This is the part that a lot of mother’s don’t know about.

So why should you breast feed? Well, for the baby, there are lots of benefits. The biggest of course is the nutritional benefits that your baby can get from breast milk. Breast milk can also decrease the chance of your baby getting illnesses. The colostrum contained in breast milk can not only decrease the chances of contracting illnesses during the breast feeding stage, but also further on later as well. Young children who were breast fed often times will contain much more antibodies in their immune system than those who were not breast fed.

But illnesses aren’t the only thing that breast feeding protects against. Allergies are also a package deal in this. Allergies in infants can be must more dangerous and serious than allergies contracted later on in life; breast feeding can help fight against this. A scary thing that most parents worry about is SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It’s not clear how breasting feeding can protect against SIDS, but it is statistically proven that infants who are breast fed have a smaller percentage of having SIDS than those who are not.

Like I said, breast feeding can help out the mother too – it’s not just the baby that benefits from this. For starters, mother’s who breast feed have noticeably less stress because of it. Breast feeding is supposed to be a calming, soothing experience. Breast feeding is also linked to reducing the chance of postpartum depression.

But breast feeding is best done with a good breast pump. This is why you should invest in getting the best breast pump. Skimping out and getting a cheap one can not only put you in danger, but your baby as well. I highly recommend a Medela breast pump – all you have to do is read the reviews and you’ll be a believer as well!

Breast Feeding: Good for the Baby, and You! Credit Picture License: Celestipoo via photopin cc

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