Breast Feeding: A Lifestyle Decision!

Published November 22, 2014

Breast Feeding: A Lifestyle Decision!

A lot of women look at breast feeding as simply not being worth it. They may not believe in the nutritional benefits and rely too much on purchased formulas and milk for their babies. Or perhaps the mother isn’t willing to go through the task of breast feeding. There are a lot of speculations out there about how much of a task breast feeding and pump can be, but the truth might surprise you! Breast feeding is more or less not about the task of feeding, as technology has advanced to the point where breast feeding really isn’t that hard at all, but rather it’s a life style – and a healthy lifestyle at that.

First of all, in order to breast feed and give enough nutrition to your baby, you yourself has to have enough nutrition. This means going on a nutritious, healthy diet as the human milk is representative of the healthy food that it should be consuming. If you are a poorly nourished mother, then you milk will lack nourishment as well – if this is the case and you are unable to bring your diet to the next level, then maybe avoiding breast feeding is best. However, most mothers feel that their babies should have their mother’s milk, and if you feel this way then you must make sure that you are healthy enough to do so.

When you are lactating, you are also burning more calories than you might be otherwise. This means having to take in more calories, but there is danger in this. An increased appetite means more chance of you consuming foods that you should not be. This is why breast feeding is a life style change as you must make sure the food around you that you might be instinctually drawn too is healthy!

Like I said, breast feeding really isn’t that hard of a task at all. Some mothers prefer mouth-to-nipple, but other mothers find that using breast pumps is far more advantageous as it will save you the time, and it is also much more effective as you can get more milk. So what is the best breast pump for you?

There are many qualities to a breast pump and all of them should be looked over to ensure you have the right one for you. If you get one that doesn’t fit, is too hard to work, or break too easily, then breast feeding can really become more of a task than you might want it to. I highly recommend the Ameda breast pump for starters, or for mothers who just don’t know quite what to get.

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