Bookkeeper Responsibilities

Published January 1, 2015

A bookkeeper has plenty of responsibilities, all of which are equally important. The bookkeeper not only makes sure all things financial are recorded properly, but prepares statements that an accountant or other members of the accounting department work off of to keep a business or corporation fiscally sound.

It is no easy task to keep detailed records of a company’s financial transactions, so it helps if you have the type of nature which makes you organized, detail-oriented, cold, and calculating. Staying on top of and monitoring the many financial aspects of a company, from items purchased, items sold, doing payroll and ensuring tax information is what makes for a reliable and efficient bookkeeper. Without organizational skills, an office or business could potentially have a meltdown during tax season if forms and documents are not carefully itemized and.or filed properly. For people who are comfortable working with numbers and enjoy putting everything in its right place, bookkeeping can be an excellent occupation. It goes without saying that this is not a field for everyone (read more here)

Having the ability to work with numbers is one skill which lends itself to the responsibilities of a bookkeeper, however, that is just one important need. Being comfortable with computers and software built for accounting is just as essential, as most, if not all companies these days have moved into the digital age of reporting via technological means far beyond traditional books as we have known them up until now.While accountants may get most of the glory, without the responsibilities assigned to a bookkeeper, no progress would be made and the job of an accountant would be rendered useless. As a bookkeeper, you must make sure transactions are made to other businesses and clients, such as payments, both giving and receiving, sometimes generously. Bookkeepers must be willing to please several clients and co-workers at once, making sure to be on top of making sure the office is running like a pumping, well-oiled, and hard piece of machinery. Bookkeepers cannot be afraid of getting to the bottom of tasks that involve digits; experiences which may potentially be hairy and not as smooth as desired.

It is times like these a bookkeeper needs to keep his/her head down for the entire accounting department and take one for the team. You might think that this is the main quality that endears bookkeepers to the members of their team, however, you would be wrong. As the old adage goes, “It is better to give than to receive,” and everyone in the office loves the bookkeeper a little bit harder and longer every other week on pay day. Bookkeepers are responsible for entering many digits in all sorts of places, but it is certainly a rewarding profession for those who don’t mind doing it.

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