Basic Tips for Beginner Runners

Published December 1, 2017



Running is the simplest and the most common way to stay fit and healthy. Many people go for runs during their spare time to get rid of their stress, too. But there are others who run to compete. If you are one of the latter, here are some tips you would need to make you a better runner.

  1. Invest in your gear

Shoes are the most important things you need to get when you start running. Invest in some really good shoes that would give you comfort even when running long distances. Next things you need are clothes. When choosing your running attire, put comfort first before fashion. Select a fabric that would allow you to move freely when you are doing your training. Another important thing you would need is a watch. A good running watch could help you measure your time, distance, heart rate, pace and many more. It could also be able to help you customize your training sessions and alert you when you need to get up and train. You can check out the top running watches at .

  1. Find some motivation

Why are you running? What would keep you going? Who can help you with your training? You would need to find the right motivation to help you through the arduous training you would be doing. You might want to join a group or find a running buddy that would compel you to run and work harder. It would be more fun to have other people with you when you train. You could also get some helpful tips and advice from them, especially if they have been running for quite some time.

  1. Plan your training

It would be better to have a plan to follow than just go running without a definite goal or target. You can hire a coach or trainer to help you with a program. Most runners start with the run/walk method. This method includes running and walking at intervals.

  1. Prepare your body and mind

The training that you would be going through would weaken your body and drain your energy. Make sure that before you start training to be a runner, you have already anticipated the hardship you would be experiencing. Do some other exercise aside from running, especially on the leg and foot part. Work on your endurance, too. Remember that it would take several weeks before your body gets accustomed to the training.

  1. Eat right

Choosing the food you eat is very crucial when you are training to be a runner. You would need all the energy you could get since running would easily burn the fuel you have stored in your system. Also, take note of the right time to eat. Do not eat just before running as the exercise would not allow you to digest your food immediately. Make sure that you have already eaten something two hours before the run so your body would get the energy needed for food. About 30 to 45 minutes after running, get some carbs and protein in your system for your muscles to regenerate.


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