Baby Monitors for Geeks

Published November 22, 2014

Baby Monitors for Geeks

Are you a parent that wants to incorporate as much technology into your and your child’s lives? If so then you have probably researched some of the most state-of-the-art baby monitors. Raising a child can be hard word, luckily there is fascinating technology that exists that can make this task much easier. There are two brands right now that have released some of the best baby monitors out there for parents who don’t mind working with technology and want the best equipment for taking care of their child.

The first of which is the Infant Optics DXR-8. This baby monitor has the usual features that most baby monitors with video have: pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities plus different LED sensors so you can see in the dark. However, the DXR-8 has an extra lens that offers more zoom capabilities so you can put the monitor further away; some of these lenses will cost extra, but others will not. The DXR-8 is most well known for being extremely well made; all of its materials are sturdy and won’t break, even if your toddler manages to get a hold of it and go berserk. However, the major downside to the DXR-8 is that it is known to not have the best wireless connection out there. Users have often had trouble with other wireless devices interfering with the signal, so if you live in a household with lots of different wireless devices then this might not be the best option for you. The DXR-8 is priced at about $229.99

The next monitor I want to talk about is the Foscam FBM3501. The FBM is known for being perhaps the best bang for your buck. It’s not very often that you can find a high quality video baby monitor conveniently priced at around $100. With that said, you don’t get all the of the features; for instance you don’t have any scanning capabilities as the camera is set in a fixed position. There also is not an off button which can really drain the battery. The battery is perhaps the weakest link of the monitor as the battery only lasts about six hours. With that said, this monitor is very portable and has fantastic range as well as having some of the best quality video out there.

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