Researchers Look to Hope In Order to Boost Student Success

Published August 23, 2013

Is hope the new path to academic achievement? Several recent studies suggest that the answer is yes. These studies, including one of more than 100 students at two British universities, show that students who can set clear goals, recognize the steps necessary to achieve them and motivate themselves to follow those steps are more likely to do well than those who can’t. This is more than just the power of positive thinking. People who believe that good things are on the horizon aren’t necessarily taking action to make those good things happen. Hopeful students are those who not only see […]

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Why Do So Many MOOC Students Drop Out?

Published August 15, 2013

Since the advent of the Internet, a whole new opportunity in the area of education has opened up. Massive open online courses, better known MOOC, have made study fields as varied as veterinary studies to biomedical engineering available in the comfort of home. While more students are beginning to enroll in online courses, statistics show that the vast majority of students are failing to finish these free courses. How High Are Dropout Rates? Dropout rates for MOOC are astronomical. One widely reported figure estimates that a whopping 90 percent of students do not graduate. When compared to traditional college environments, […]

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