All You Need To Know About Crib Death

Published November 22, 2014

All You Need To Know About Crib Death

One of the biggest fears, or perhaps THE biggest fear of raising an infant is the possibility of crib death. Crib death, also known as sudden infant death syndrome (or SIDS for short), is when an infant who is under one year old dies during sleep without any implication as to what could have caused it. Most of the time this is completely unavoidable, but other times it could be a case that can be controlled by the infant’s parents; things like the baby’s crib, for instance, can be modified to prevent SIDS. Some moms and dads might say SIDS is completely unavoidable, but I disagree. There are many steps you can take to prevent your infant from having SIDS; you might be surprised to see that a lot of these steps are simply just precautionary measures.

The first of which is positioning your baby on his back when he sleeps. There is speculation that a large majority of SIDS cases have to do with the baby accidentally smothering itself during sleep when the baby rolls over onto its side or stomach. Always make sure that you when lay your baby down to sleep that he/she is flat on his/her back. Maybe even nestle your baby in so that rolling over is hindered.

Another way to prevent the possibility of accidental smothering is by getting a firm surface for the baby to sleep on. There a lot of poorly made cribs out there with mattresses that are simple just too soft. Parents might think it necessary to put blankets, quilts, or bumpers in or on their baby’s crib – but a baby is sleeping, all of this is unnecessary and could lead to a case of SIDS.

Getting a good, solid baby crib will highly prevent the chance of SIDS tenfold. When you’re shopping for your baby’s crib, or perhaps interested in getting a new one, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money and get a high-end crib. However, you must be a good judge of what is good, and what is safe. Remember, the best, most expensive cribs aren’t always the safest. Cribs that have lots of accessories just means for ways for the baby to be harmed. A lot of these 4-in-1 cribs have been reviewed as being the safest cribs available.

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