54-Year-Old High School Teacher Still Missing, Police Stumped

Published January 24, 2014
Jeffrey Boucher: Photo from referenced article.

Jeffrey Boucher: Photo from referenced article.

Police are baffled by a case that has unfolded in Ontario over the last few weeks. On January 13th, high school teacher Jeffrey Boucher went out for his regular morning jog. This morning, however, he never returned. Nobody has seen or heard from Mr. Boucher for 11 days, leaving his family and the police completely confused.

They have recently called off their ground search and are not sure how to proceed stating that the teacher has seemingly “vanished.” Without any leads, evidence or ideas, they are essentially at a stand still in this unusual case.

The Facts

Mr. Boucher, an avid runner and high school teacher at Whitby High, lead a normal life. He had a good job and a family that loved him. That doesn’t mean, however, that he couldn’t have disappeared himself. While the obvious thoughts of murder, kidnapping, or a simple accident that has left him stranded somewhere cannot be ruled out, one other possibility must also be examined: He ran away.

Being a high school teacher means dealing with kids who are going through a fairly difficult period in their life; dealing with hormonal and physical changes. A lot of times, those same kids can come from difficult socioeconomic backgrounds that provide another layer of complexity to their social interaction. This creates a lot of stress for teachers, and it isn’t unheard of for them to just pick up and leave one day.

At this point, there are definitely more questions than answers.

Meanwhile, the town of Whitby continues to wonder, along with his family, where he could be. Whether he left intentionally, or was abducted, it’s fairly rare that a person can vanish with no trace for this long of a time. This is undoubtedly affect his students as well. As their education continues through the medium of a substitute teacher, the school has to decide when to stop relying on temporary help and start looking for a permanent replacement for their now-lost teacher.

Other Similar Cases

In New Orleans, a school teacher disappeared after leaving a bar and her body was subsequently found some time later. In the case of Mr. Boucher, they have scoured and searched the lake near that area without successfully finding any signs of him.

Also, in Shelby County, TN in the US, a teacher has been missing for over three years and they still have made no arrests. While this whole scenario is incredibly unfortunate, it may have nothing to do with his career. He could have been the victim of a random criminal act, a simple accident, or just decided to up and leave on day; some day the truth will be known.

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