2 Ways Biometric Technology Can Impact Gun Safety

Published November 14, 2016

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How Can Biometric Technology Help Make America Safer?

Gun safety in America has been a hot topic since the dawn of time (or at least America!) Now that Donald J Trump is the president-elect, the question will rear it’s ugly head again. Republicans and liberals alike have very strong opinions about gun safety; most of which are made very clear by their respective parties. There are a few key things, however, that we can all agree on. For example, 200+ children have been killed by guns in the year 2016 alone. That is unacceptable.

As you can see, the US definitely has a problem…

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We’ve Identified the Problem, Now Let’s Talk Solutions

With child deaths at an unacceptable rate, not to mention the other people that die every year as a result of accidental firing of weapons, we may have to rely on some yet-to-be-perfect technologies to help get us down the path to reversing this troubling trend.

Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes are one way that biometric technology is helping increase gun safety. A lock-and-key system is only as good as a person’s ability to control (or hide) the key from their loved ones. It isn’t convenient to put the key in a place where it is hard to get to, which would be ideal, so most of the time people leave it out in the open or put it in a drawer on their night stand. Everyone knows it’s there; especially the kiddos. The best biometric gun safes have keys you carry with you all of the time called your fingers.

Biometric Pistol Locks

In addition to locking up the guns themselves, many companies are now producing biometric pistol locks that adhere to the guns trigger or firing system. Most of these items are still in their prototype phase but the future is bright and full of opportunity for these much-needed products. The two biggest companies out there currently are:

  1. Identilock
  2. Veri-Fire – The Guardian

Once the technology gets a bit further along, and perhaps a bit cheaper, it will get much easier to take advantage of it.

So What Does It All Mean?

As it says in the article referenced above, we can all start to do our part now while we wait on these additional technologies. Educating children and explaining to them what guns are and what they do is a great way to begin; at least then we can quench their curiosity a bit. That is only part of a comprehensive strategy which includes, as perhaps the most important piece, securing the firearm when not in use. Regardless of how careful a person is about what they teach their children or where they put the firearm, if a child can physically get to it at any point they are not being supervised it is a failure not just for them but for us all.


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